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Why do people react differently to alcohol?

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There are a variety of reasons:
  • Age, Gender, Race or Ethnicity.
  • Physical condition (weight, fitness level, etc).
  • Amount of food eaten before drinking alcohol.
  • How quickly they drink the alcohol.
  • Use of other drugs, legal (prescription medicines) or illegal (marijuana etc.)
  • Family history of alcohol problems.

The current mainstream scientific and medical view is that alcoholism is a disease. Although some debate on this topic still occurs — my personal experience validates the disease model.

The first time I tried alcohol, I was about 13. I remember accepting an offer of one beer. The rest is fuzzy because I blacked out. The next memory I had was feeling terrible the next day. My mom told me I had been throwing-up all night. My plan — I need to drink more often, because it was clear that I didn’t have any “practice”. I never saw adults vomiting after they drank, so certainly, after a few more…

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I can’t blackout and embarrass myself if I don’t drink!

Tired of Thinking About Drinking

When someone finishes 100 days sober, they often sign up for the 180 day challenge. When they get to day 180, the re-up for 365. I send out a copy of the new pledge, and ask you to edit to suit your particular situation. Here’s what Sooz (day 196) sent me for her 365 day challenge:

“Team 365

I’ve done 180 days, and I’m ready for more. My life has improved in so many ways, and I know that if I remain sober, it’ll just keep getting better. I am no longer dealing with problems by drinking as it only makes them worse. I can’t blackout and embarrass myself if I don’t drink! I can’t have a hangover if I don’t buy any spirits. I can’t make my memory worse if I stick to soft drinks. People are getting used to me drinking so social pressure is not an excuse.

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Once again… cannot stop

I tried to drink just one, maybe two.  My wife was at a big meeting and I was able to come home early.  I thought I would have one – had my self convinced.  I had 3 bourbons by the time she came home.  Then more.  I did not have a bad day or any triggers.  I was just like a kid home alone to do whatever.  I did cook a great dinner though…

Now I am hung over with a big, all morning meeting today.  I know I will do fine at the meeting, an no one will be the wiser.  But, once again, I am disappointed with myself and hiding the amount of drinking and the stress I am causing myself and my body.  I really need to avoid official rehab.  I need to be stronger.  Suggestions are very welcome.

Thank you.